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About Open Wings

Here at Open Wings Child Care Center, our philosophy is to provide an environment where children feel safe and are encouraged to explore materials in fun and hands-on ways. Our program fosters relationships with peers and adults through positive interactions and strong attachments. We believe that children learn by doing and thrive emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively when they are actively engaged with their environment.

Nursery School

Our Goals

  • Progress along the developmental stages through his/her individual rate.

  • Learn through identifying children's interests and incorporating them into a natural play setting.

  • Promote simple acts of kindness.

  • Develop positive attitudes towards schooling and learning.

  • Develop positive work habits and skills, such as: attention span, organizing work, and following a daily routine.

  • Develop foundations for early literacy, reading, writing, visual skills, auditory skills and writing.

  • Develop a love for literature and to become familiar with literacy and language.

  • Develop cognitive skills such as: Problem solving, memory, synthesizing, analysis and classification.

  • Develop the foundations of mathematics, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, counting association of set to symbol, part/whole relationships, measurement and graphs. 

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